A group of riders pose for a group photo on a gravel road with bright green trees on both sides of the road.

OZ Cycling Tours | Bentonville, Arkansas

If you’re coming to Northwest Arkansas for the OzGravel experience, having a tour guide is an invaluable way to maximize your time. Navigating the hundreds of miles of dirt roads can be daunting, but your tour guide will make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. The team at OZ Cycling Tours offers full or half-day gravel bike tours that are completely customizable. The West brothers, Adam and Ryan (born and raised in Bentonville), and the OZ Cycling Tours team provide professional knowledge of premier gravel routes throughout Northwest Arkansas, with the ability to host group tours that cater to their clients needs. If that means needing a SAG vehicle or lunch provided while out on route, the OZ Cycling Tours team will have it covered. If you’re looking for an incredible multi-day experience but aren’t sure how to plan or where to start, let OZ Cycling Tours take care of that for you! Our guides know all of the best routes, hidden gems and amazing places to see and eat.

To see why gravel riding is exploding in Northwest Arkansas, OZ Cycling Tours guides regularly ride and compete on gravel and are ready to show you what you’re missing.

OZ Cycling Tours takes special care to provide the best customer service possible. Coming in from out of town and concerned about transporting your rental bike? Don’t fret. Your guide(s) can pick up your rental bike, pick you up and drive you to your tour location, provide water/snacks, and will have extra parts and tools in case something goes awry. In addition to knowing what trails and routes are best for your needs, your guides will also be able to show you local hidden gems like swimming holes, unique artwork, bridges and tunnels.

OZ Cycling Tours community involvement includes leading rides for the Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce weekly Friday rides, shakeout rides for large events like Bentonville Bike Fest, and partnering with PeopleForBikes NWA to host a monthly beginner-friendly gravel ride. You’ll also find OZ Cycling Tours giving back to the community by running aid stations at local events such as the Rule of 3, Hazel Valley Rally, OZ Trails Town Series presented by Bike School Bentonville, and more.

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