Gravel Cycling in OZ

Building off the amazing success of OZ Trails for mountain biking, OZ Gravel is a community for gravel riders to learn about new routes, build their skillsets, and share their experiences.

Our Story

Started in 2023, OZ Gravel is dedicated to promoting the rapidly growing gravel cycling scene in Northwest Arkansas. The launch includes this website, OZGravelNWA.com, as well as social communities on Facebook, Instagram, and Strava.

Here you can find includes curated routes that take riders on beginner, intermediate and advances courses throughout the area, with several routes crossing into Missouri and Oklahoma. The routes were hand-picked and tested by Andy Chasteen, a well-known persona among the cycling community and employee of the Runway Group, which owns and operates OZ Brands. Chasteen created The Rule of Three, Horseshoe Hell, and other iconic cycling events.

Many of the curated routes were mapped as part of the Arkansas Rural Recreational Roads (Arkansas R3) project. Arkansas R3 is a public-private partnership that identifies and designates rural roads as recreational opportunities across the state. Arkansas R3 was created by Tom Walton, co-founder of the Runway Group.