Gravel cyclists ride their bikes past a red barn.

Top gravel articles, videos, and pods of 2023

2023 was another big year for gravel. Did we lose the spirit? Did it become too pro? What about products and tech? We chatted with some of the top athletes, journalists, and daily riders to gather our top articles, videos, and pods of 2023. Have a favorite you’d like to add to the list? Give us a shout –!

Best gravel articles of 2023
  • Betsy Welch over at Outside talks about 2024 gravel predictions: Read here
  • Peter Abraham states his case why SBT GRVL is the best bike race in North America: Read here
  • Sarah Sturm reports on her experience across the pond at the UCI Gravel Worlds: Read here
  • Pete Stetina on Gravel Nationals, and the “pro-ification” of gravel cycling: Read here
  • A battle between ranchers wanting to protect their heritage, and a Colorado bike race worth $4.5 million: Read here
  • The Dirt Dispatch – Gravel Racing Has A Safety Problem: Read here
  • Global Cycling Network – Top 10 must-do US Gravel Races in 2024: Read here
  • Every single product review by James Huang: Read here
  • Gravelstoke’s Top 5 Gravel Bike Upgrades: Read here
Best YouTube Videos
  • Ben Delaney’s Top 5 Gravel Bikes of 2023: Watch here
  • The Divide – Lachlan Morton’s impossible Tour Divide ride: Watch here
  • Gravel Gear of the Year – 25 things I loved in 2023: Watch here
Best Podcasts
  • Breakfast with Boz – Unbound Gravel Update: Listen here
  • The Adventure Stache – Sofia Gomez Villafane: Listen here
  • The Adventure Stache – Gravel Worlds Recap with Keegan Swenson: Listen here
  • The Gravel Ride – Gravel Del Fuego Race: Listen here