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Hidden out in the hollers and hills of Arkansas lie some of the most alluring, challenging, and fun gravel roads in the entire United States.

The Hub


A library of curated five-star routes leaving from a hub help create an excellent rural road experience for locals, but also for visitors desiring to explore new routes and roads. Routes of all distances and difficulties, accommodating the entire range for riders of varying experience levels. Many of these routes were tested and curated by the team at Arkansas Rural Recreational Roads ( Arkansas R3 is part of a privately funded pilot program developing resources for adoption by Arkansas counties individually and for future oversight by Arkansas Parks & Recreation Foundation, an Arkansas non-governmental organization.

Current Routes


Known as the Mountain Bike Capital of the World, but that’s just a part of the story – trails, connectors, quick gravel access, bike cafes, art, music, and amazing community. Experience all that Bentonville has to offer by bike or foot.


Nestled in NW Benton County just a short drive from Bentonville, Gravette delivers a new American town energy with revitalized city center, quirky restaurants, coffee shops, and quick access to beautiful rural roads in all directions. Park, ride, eat, and take in all things Gravette.

Siloam Springs

The gem of Southwestern Benton County, Siloam Springs offers quick access to two world-class white water parks, rock climbing, and rural road exploration. Ride the short, beautiful bike path through downtown and around the perimeter of John Brown University for access to gorgeous dirt roads, returning back to town for amazing food and bars in the center of town.

Pea Ridge

A short 15-minute drive from Bentonville, the thriving town of Pea Ridge in Northeast Benton County offers endless gravel roads for exploration north into beautiful rural Southern Missouri, east, and south around the lumpy hills surrounding the iconic Beaver Lake.

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